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For 16 years, Candy's Cats' mission is to save cats in Central Florida by providing these beautiful animals with loving permanent homes. When we work with any cat or kitten, we test for feline aids & leukemia, vaccinate, spay and neuter, and put in a microchip. Plus, we partner with local vets to treat any medical conditions and utilize a team of volunteers for foster homes. We’ve saved thousands of cats and kittens, bringing joy to families throughout the area. 

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  Kinsey & Deitz 8.11.22
I am a confident young lady who takes care of my not-as-confident brother Deitz. We are bonded and must stay together since we have become quite close. I am very playful and very loving. I run up to greet you and rub against you. While I do not like being held, I will snuggle up next to you. I love attention and getting petted. I purr loudly and make cute chirping sounds at times.
  Deitz and Kinsey 8.11.22
I am a shy little guy, especially when you first meet me, but I will warm up to you with the help of my much more confident sister Kinsey.  We love to play with each other and with toys. I just need someone to be patient with me at first. I love attention and being petted. Before you know it, I will be purring in your arms. While I don't like being held for long, I love cuddling up next t...read more about Deitz and Kinsey 8.11.22
  Rolly 07.19.22
Hi! My name is Rolly. I'm a very sweet, a bit reserved. Once I feel comfortable, I love to be pet, brushed, to play with toys..